Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

2012 Vagina Beauty Contest Results! Full Color Book, AWESOME!

In January 2012, over 100 contestants removed their clothing, spread their legs, and put their best vagina forward (and extremely close-up to the cameras) in hopes of taking home the top prize (Miss Vagina Universe) and additional cash prizes. These females were from around the world, varied in age between 18 and 28, and represented all races from over 27 countries. The panel of 5 judges represent vaginal plastic surgeons and gynecologists who are accustomed to viewing large amounts of vaginas each year. Each judge gave comments, as well as a score from 0-10. These scores were averaged, and set the scale for determining the final court of 5, and the ultimate grand champion. What makes a beautiful vagina? Read and see… A fascinating book for those who appreciate the beauty of vaginas, as you can see a WIDE variety of full frontal female nudity focused on the most intimate of body parts. Each contestant’s vagina is pictured in full color, with the same close-up view that the judges saw. This is also an interesting view for women (or their lovers) wanting to know how their own vagina would be ranked by professionals. Flip through the book until you find the best match, and see what the score and condensed comments are! You might be proud, or you might be disappointed… but you will never look at your vagina the same again. This is feedback most women never receive in their lifetime, and many of the models who thought they had a chance to win were horrified to find out they were scored extremely low. WARNING, THIS BOOK MIGHT MAKE YOU OR YOUR GIRLFRIEND SELF CONCIOUS!!

Fishnet Stockings!

Winter Wonderland... this bitch must be COLD!